Tobii ProObjective Eye Tracking are the leaders in Eye Tracker sales, rentals, training and consulting in the Asia Pacific Region. We sell and rent Tobii Eye Trackers to universities, market research agencies and corporates, UX and usability companies across South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


  • Eye Tracking Sales-Tobii Glasses 2

    Tobii Glasses 2

    Tobii Glasses 2, the next generation wearable eye tracking tool, gives researchers the ability to capture truly objective and deep insights into human behavior in any real-world environment. Tobii Glasses 2 shows exactly what a person is looking at in real time as she or he moves freely in a shop, a restaurant or any real-world environment.

    The Tobii Glasses Eye Tracker 2 is suitable for use in areas such as:

    • - In-store shopper research:
    • - Out-of-home and TV advertising
    • - Sports research
    • - Driving/vehicle research
    • - Usability research
    • - Security applications
    • - Autonomous Eye Tracking
  • Eye Tracking Sales-Tobii X2-30 Eye Tracker - Portable lab

    Tobii X2-30 Eye Tracker -
    Portable lab

    Tobii's newest addition of X2 eye trackers (60Hz and 30Hz) are designed for maximizing portability and supreme tracking performance in human behavior research studies.

    The TobiiX2 Eye Tracker is suitable for use in areas such as:

    • - Website and software usability studies
    • - Copy testing, digital campaigns and TV commercials
    • - Package design studies
    • - Interfaces such as ticked machines or control panels
  • Eye Tracking Sales-X3-120

    Tobii X3-120

    The Tobii Pro X3-120 system provides exceptional flexibility and accommodates a wide array of human behavior studies. The ultra-slim, light design makes for a compact solution, ideal for studies in authentic research environments. The Pro X3-120 is capable of tracking more people than ever before, and the discrete form factor promotes unobtrusive data collection.The system shows exactly where people are looking and, with a sampling rate of 120 Hz, it is designed for detailed research into the timing and duration of fixations.

    The Pro X3-120 can be used with a variety of screens – laptops, PC monitors (up to 25"), tablets, or TVs and there are additional accessories to accommodate studies of real-world stimuli, such as physical objects or people.

  • Eye Tracking Sales-Tobii TX300

    Tobii TX300

    The Tobii Tx300 has a frame rate of 300 Hz very high precision and accuracy, robust eye tracking and compensation for large head movements. It provides unobtrusive research of oculomotor functions and human behavior.

    Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker is suitable for eye tracking in areas such as:

    • - Neuroscience studies (e.g. studies combining eye tracking and EEG data)
    • - Ophthalmology studies
    • - Reading studies
    • - Psychology research (e.g. developmental psychology and psycholinguistics studies)
    • - Gaze-contingent paradigms due to a latency of 10 msec
  • Eye Tracking Sales-Tobii T60XL

    Tobii T60XL

    Tobii T60 XL Eye Tracker enables you to accurately and unobtrusively measure gaze over wide screen angles and large stimulus displays. The high screen resolution also allows for eye tracking studies of detailed stimuli which can be presented on the monitor.

    High-resolution 24-inch TFT wide screen monitor

    • - Large degree of head movement
    • - Distraction-free test environment
    • - Natural behavior and valid results.
    • - High level of accuracy and precision
  • Eye Tracking Sales-Tobii T60, T120

    Tobii T60, T120

    Tobii T60 and T120 Eye Trackers enable you to conduct on-screen eye tracking studies for a wide variety of research purposes. Accurate 60 or 120 Hz eye tracking delivers reliable results in a natural testing environment where the stimuli can be presented on the monitor.

    • - 17-inch TFT monitor
    • - Large degree of head movement
    • - Distraction-free test environment
    • - Natural behavior and valid results.
    • - High level of accuracy and precision


Objective Eye Tracking are the leaders in Eye Tracking sales, rentals and consulting in the Asia Pacific Region. We sell to universities, market research agencies and corporates, across South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Objective Eye Tracking is the Australian and New Zealand reseller of Tobii Eye Tracker hardware and software from Sweden.

Tobii Studio is the most comprehensive eye tracking analysis and visualization software on the market. It is ideal for evaluating interactive media such as websites, software, e-mail campaigns, computer games, interactive TV, as well print advertising, TV commercials, shopping shelves and physical products. Scientific research use includes psychology studies, infant research, reading studies, vision research and more.

  • - Record gaze data, participant interaction and independent variables
  • - Observe and log important events
  • - Replay test sessions after a test
  • - Calculate standard eye tracking metrics or export raw data
  • - Visualize results and make them more understandable and convincing
  • - Benefit form dedicated web tools

Tobii Studio supports project based work and enables effective administration of large numbers of test participants. Intuitive workflow allows practitioners, researchers, and students to work with the system without extension training.

Tobii Studio Software

The Tobii Studio Software Development Kit (SDK) is now available free of charge and can be
downloaded here


  • Eye Tracking Sales-Live viewing, retrospective interviews and eye tracking videos

    Live viewing, retrospective interviews and eye tracking videos

    Live gaze-tracking can be viewed by the moderator to see where users are looking in real time. The gaze-tracking movie can be shown to the participant after the test, and they can be asked questions whilst their memory is prompted by watching their own eye movements. This "Retrospective think aloud" methodology has been shown to extra greater insights from follow up interviews.

  • Eye Tracking Sales-Heat Maps

    Heat Maps

    Heat maps show the average gaze across all participants tested in the study.

    • - What does and does not get attention
    • - Where the gaze lingered (areas illustrated in red)
    • - Where users expect to find certain features
    • - How multiple designs compare
  • Eye Tracking Sales-Gaze plots

    Gaze plots

    Gaze plots show the sequence of fixations and saccades as a participant observes a stimulus. We can also see:

    • - Show fixation sequence i.e. the path the eye takes
    • - Length of fixation (larger fixations create larger dots)


  • Eye Tracking Sales-Area-specific analysis

    Area-specific analysis

    We can create specific statistical analysis of areas of interest. You can create sections / areas of interest and analyse data such as:

    • - Time to first fixation
    • - Time spent in each section
    • - Percentage of respondents who engaged with certain areas of interest
    • - Individual or aggregated data
    • - Viewing behaviour based on demographics


Objective Eye Tracking provide Eye Tracker training courses, or customised training and support for specific projects that you may be running.

Gain confidence knowledge and skills in Tobii Eye Tracking technology!

We deliver a customised 1 day workshop in 'Eye Tracking'. The workshop covers all aspects of the Eye Tracking process using a Tobii eye tracker. We will run through a number of case studies and real life examples.

During our course you will:

  • - Learn how to set up and run an eye tracker
  • - Practice setting up eye tracking projects using Tobii Studio software
  • - Learn how to use the eye tracker to facilitate a silent test using the Retrospective Think Aloud protocol
  • - Understand the difference between quantitative and qualitative eye tracking
  • - Create heatmaps and gaze plots, and
  • - Learn how to create expert eye tracking videos and edit them into a fantastic presentation.

Who should attend:

  • UX and usability practitioners
  • Market researchers and Shopper researchers
  • Academics

About your facilitator: James Breeze - Eye tracking expert

James Breeze is the founder of Objective Eye Tracking with offices in Sydney and Singapore. James regularly visits Sweden and the UK for eye tracking training by world recognised experts. Objective Eye Tracking has access to all the different versions of eye trackers Tobii produces and training can be tailored to any device. Book eye tracking training now by emailing